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La Pate is the first bakery in Saudi Arabia to own the open kitchen concept, engaging their consumers in the whole baking process in order to highlight their guaranteed freshness. LaPate, to the young saudi population, is reminiscent of the small European bakeries that they encounter in their frequent travels, and which they long for and miss when they’re back home.

Raw form in the beginning, all the way to the perfectly crafted

We’re an artist brand that finds inspiration in the art of baking, and
the magical transformation of dough to form the food we love and enjoy.
The logo draws its inspiration from this process, telling the story of the
raw form in the beginning, all the way to the perfectly crafted end result.

The Artist Brand

Baking is a precise art, balancing out the beauty and simplicity of the raw materials, with the sophistication and delight of the freshly baked goods the brand serves. The visual language is one that highlights this balance, in a way that is artisanal and indulging in its display.

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