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A Strong Start

Westown Medical Center, one of SODIC’s projects, will be a state-of-the-art medical destination in Sheikh Zayed, with fully integrated facilities for an all-around medical treatment. The facility includes an established pre-natal and post-natal hospital, as well comprehensive clinics, and a retail space catering to SODIC West and the Sheikh Zayed community. With its upcoming launch, WMC needed a strong identity that reflects its convenient services, superior quality, caring nature, and trustworthiness.

Medical Center Number One

Our challenge was to introduce Westown Medical Center as an advanced medical center worthy of trust with superior quality through its identity. As such, we opted for a functional yet unique logo design, so the brand could be easily recognised for what it does, yet standing out with an easy to remember relatable visual. As an added value, the medical cross could be seen in the negative space within the logo. Along with that, we have created a thorough visual translation, descriptive of the various facilities by creating icons that simplify the communication language to our audience, making their experience simpler and more comfortable, while employing a color scheme that inspires serenity.

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Regaining its Territory

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Maybe Two

Guilty Pleasures

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Fly High, Aim Higher

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