Revolutionizing Healthcare

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An Aching Brand

Vezeeta is an Egyptian online platform, and a MENA leader in IT Healthcare platforms. It allows patients across the country to find, evaluate and book their doctors’ appointments online or through a call center. By integrating technology into medical practice, Vezeeta has revolutionized the healthcare system in the region. However, the brand suffered from low awareness, despite being recommended by loyal users. We were, therefore, asked to work on a new identity that allows Vezeeta to be seen as the pioneer that it is.

Up and Running

To win over more traffic for Vezeeta, we created an engaging identity, with a clear brand persona, that clearly communicates the brand’s values. By replacing the old clinical appearance with a charismatic and lively identity, we gave the brand a strong digital presence with a human touch. We enabled it to address users the way a social media platform would, allowing for an easier and more functional navigation experience. More importantly, consistency was maintained throughout all communication channels by incorporating visual cues from the logo, thus developing a flexible grid that attracts potential users, guiding them to the information they seek.

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