We were approached by Pepsico to revive an old-time favourite brand that was facing sales slowdown.


In order to energise the brand we set out to reinterpret the main elements making them more dynamic and relevant to todays youth.





Biscato is a family business with a wide range of high quality products. Despite the fact that they owned some of the most popular biscuit product brands, consumers were unfamiliar with the corporate brand, even worse they associated some of their brands to their competitors.


We started by developing their brand portfolio strategy and revisiting their brand architecture. We opted for developing an endorser brand that tells the brand story, providing credibility, creating synergy and building brand equity. We proceeded with revamping their product brands developing an exciting range of original brands.



Edita Food Industries was established in 1996, and now is one of the leading FMCG companies in Egypt and the Middle East. The company is well known for its consistently high quality products and strong brands like Molto, TODO, Bake Rolls, Bake Stix, Mimix as well as the Hostess cakes range.

The Edita team approached us with a challenge: to create a brand for a premium wafer that will challenge imported wafers in terms of brand image and taste and offer great value in terms of quality and pricing. Inspired by the unique shape and color palette of the product; its texture and colors; we aimed to capture the simple delight that the brand stands for and bring it to life as a compelling design.

 Together we decided to change this perception by ending the commoditization of wafer and adding excitement and innovation to the category. Therefore we came up with the naming, the brand positioning and the brand identity.  

Freska was able to stand to the task creating massive WOM and off-take and generating interest in the entire category. The brand launched with great success and created instant hype, exceeding expectations.